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"Waaas ist zis Schaaaaisse?" - Humbug Rating [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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"Waaas ist zis Schaaaaisse?" [Mar. 17th, 2007|12:02 am]
Humbug Rating


[Current Mood |crazycrack lols.]


Please include the link to three applications you have voted on LOL YES AND THEN SOME

Your name: Sir-Lady Friedrich Jesus Hitler the First.
When were you born and why? I was born on a Tuesday, August 13th; people constantly give me replies of “that explains a lot” when I tell them that. As for why, I’ve been asking the same damn question for almost 16 years now with only rolling eyes as a reply. 
Your Gender? Please Elaborate.
I’ve gone from feeling asexually girly, to the most macho lady evar, to the future ruler of Questionableland, to a gay man trapped in a lesbian girl’s body, to a misunderstood female German Shepherd in the space of 2 minutes.
Assuming you were trapped in a completely empty room, what would your hobbies be? Randomly exploding in hysterical giggles seems to be the most beautiful choice, but then again I can do that in and out of completely empty rooms.
Please share with us a compliment that you have received. “YOU’RE IN LIKE, FOREVER.”
Also share with us an insult once directed towards you. “Fucking crass” were her exact words, I think.

It’s hard to bargle nawdle zouss. True or false?
Capan yopoupu repepepeapat thepe qupuepestipiopon?
Describe your favourite towel. It’s green and velvety and I use it to dry my hair, thus making myself look like my idol which will eventually lead to me feeling better and more secure about myself. So in a way, in 50 years, that towel might just be to blame for the third World War but ah well.
Have you ever considered taking over the world by playing card games? Card games, pah, that's the mortal way. They don't have a thing on my chibi army of doom.
What’s your favourite scary movie? Two words: homemade pr0n.
Please briefly summarise the plot of ‘Titanic – The Sequel’ as scripted by you. Jack is back – and this time, he means it, for today will rain blood!
The self-destruct sequence has been activated. How do you cope with it? LOOK MOMMY I’M A KAMIKAZE! *throws self through window*

Would you adopt a funny nickname to impress your supervisor?
Yeah, and I'd even let them pick to make an impeccable first impression.
Why should I buy your cookies and not purchase them cheaper at my trusty supermarket around the corner? YOU'RE ALREADY ASKING TOO MANY DAMN QUESTIONS. Buy my cookies or be not worthy of them!
Job interview time! How do you intend to dispose of the other applicants? Following intrincate plots of the cold, calculating, psychologically thrilling variety.
...And/or have to do with a shotgun, a bright smile and a good lawyer.
Superhero and saviour of the world – an appropriate choice of career? Maybe, but I will need many interesting sidekicks willing to poke me with a pointy stick more often than not.
Invent an interesting illness worthy of being used as an excuse for your next day off. Um...your mom? I think that may work actually.

Would you dye your hair to match the colour of your one true love’s shirt?
That would imply dying it every single day, so lol of course.
Do you consider running off with the priest a legitimate alternative to saying ‘I do’? No no you see I AM the priest.
What if you caught your partner cheating on you with your future self? Threesome. Duh.
Pick some lyrics to describe the favourite food of your ideal partner. Y’know Mein Teil by Rammstein? You know it? And with it a good wine and gentle candlelight, yeah I’ll take my time you’ve gotta have some culture amirite? (Sorry, but somebody was just screaming for that.)
The ideal gift for said ideal partner is of course… Respect and a cup of tea?


X or Y?
I have a love-hate relationship with X, while with Y it’s all sunshine and smiles. So X.
Power or money? I don't know! Gimme that sweet corruption!
Paper or plastic? Plastic is not [easily] edible now is it? Paper all the way.
William Shakespeare or Dan Brown? ...I'll pretend I didn't read that.
Forgive and forget or beat around the bush? Hump the corpse.
Call the stairs or walk up the elevator? Beat down the elevator, screw up the stairs and laugh at the people falling down them.

Are you secretly after a certain stamp? If so, please subtly push for it now. Huh? What?

And lastly, please post a picture (no larger than 400 x 400 px) of a marine animal of your choice.

[User Picture]From: mouette_lunaire
2007-03-17 01:41 pm (UTC)
(Don't worry about the cut too much. Sometimes LJ just needs to show off and... laugh at us with its eyes -_-)
As you have probably guessed I really appreciate the choice of your marine animal. It also tells me that you have a very broad spectrum of creatures you perceive as animals which may hint that you are as a matter of fact quite the animals yourself, a cat, a duck or two pieces of frog perhaps. Your application clearly is destructive albeit subtle which makes me want to rule out the apocalypse or being totally guilty, both of which isn't exactly my idea of subtle destruction. Now, what else is subtly destructive? A rubber duck of darkness for one thing. And cats. Particularly the ones in boxes. You'll never know what hit you. “YOU’RE IN LIKE, FOREVER.” also implies that you are IN something, again, for example, a box. It is well known that cats breed armies of violent mice (or "chibis") in order to take over the world which ideally corresponds to your cards game answer. Cats enjoy eating paper as well, at least mine do, which is another point for the boxkitty. Altogether I think your cute yet vicious personality is a perfectly legitimate reason to vote you as the Cat In A Box.
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[User Picture]From: bluepunk
2007-03-18 01:33 am (UTC)
I see snarkiness mixed with a pinch of clever, and coated overall with happy stuffs. In a dark kinda way. Your sea thing is quite clever, though I never understood why he has an octopus for a face. Lots of your app made me want to say Apocolypse, because I'm quite sure you could (and would) spawn it upon the earth (which is totally a compliment) but I'm leaning more towards Exotic Lingerie. Perfect for a mix of sweet and devious, as you seem to be. Your choice in X vs Y really sealed it. Rah.
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From: ibaly
2007-03-23 11:56 pm (UTC)
Exotic Lingerie because you keep talking about sexy stuff and rockin' at it. Plus the exotic lingerie is pretty clever to get your attention and then kick your ass in bed. That pretty much how I felt in this app.
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[User Picture]From: dana_fields
2007-03-26 03:07 am (UTC)
I am sure you will be able to swim through life nicely as a beautiful set of Exotic Lingerie! I'm pretty sure many people would love to wear you and your cleverness to impress their life partner.

Davy Jones is sexy, isn't he?
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[User Picture]From: mouette_lunaire
2007-03-26 07:44 pm (UTC)


Why, you saucy Sir Lingerie! And congratulations! *wolf-whistles*
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